Hi. I'm José.

Allow me to briefly tell you why it may be a good idea to do business with me 🙂

If you're like me, then you already noticed that the world has pretty much gone bananas, and it seems to get more ridiculous by the day. Amongst all the noise and nonsense, I strive for win-win situations in the things I do. It's a good way to find like-minded people to do business with.

Now, about them skillz: I've been creating and marketing websites in one form or another since around 2002. I've been a computer programmer, a PC and server hardware guy, an I.T manager, a website developer, an e-commerce consultant, an online marketer, a pay per click guy, a brand builder, a physical products brand creator, an author, an info product creator, a video ad maker, an SEO... I think you get the idea: you're in safe hands (i.e. I 'ain't no middle-man'). Talk to me about your project, whether it's development or marketing, and I'm the one creating and executing the spec.

And if that doesn't do it, then this will: I'm married and I like animals.

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